Cindy Wilson Illustrator

I am a Freelance Illustrator.


I have Illustrated many books Christian Childrens Books and Adult Christian Books.

I Love Painting


Painting is a total Gift from God to me. I have had no formal Art School Training...

It started back in 2003...

He started giving me visions of Crosses.


He gave me Visions of Crosses and I started Designing them and the painting Gift kept expanding..

I am for hire as a Freelance Illustrator


I charge 60.00 per Illustration.  If you are interested you can send me an email to

I can give you more details. 

I love painting Animals!


I paint many subjects but I love my Animal paintings... I love painting emotions in the eyes...

I Paint Prophetic Paintings


There are times when the Lord will have me paint pictures a certain way and someone will see it and know the Lord is talking to them.. Only He can do that..